Hi, I’m Méia, and this is my life – a Brazilian girl growing roots in a magical land, far, far away, writing impromptu poems, taping unplanned videos, changing with the cycles, sewing, caring for my family, our pets, and our home, and practicing happiness, every day.

So many ideas
Crossing through my head
They roam free
Without sticking too much
What to say and what do to
No longer haunts me
I will always remember all those
Moments lost on worry
Locked in worlds I tried to control
Eventually I opened all the doors
Of all the places that scared me
The keys were in a locket
Within my own heart
So now I make a point
To not enter any room
And close the door behind me
I allow myself to roam
I allow myself to morph
I enjoy all the change
And while you read this today
I may have already moved on
To a new poem and new words
So come by tomorrow
This could be all different
And would you be bothered by
My lack of consistency?
Or would you stay with the flow
Allowing space
To be
Aware of you
All new

Hey, that’s me.