Feeling It

Little Pandemic poem…

I am feeling it
Feeling it all
Months of change
Weighing on me
The loss of work
The loss of space
The loss of courtesy
When I am online
All I see is fight
Everyone wants to be right
It tears me apart
Rips me up, leaves me raw
I am feeling it
Feeling it all
Hoping for resilience
Dreaming of better days
But I know, I know too well
That chaos will always be
That life moves like the sea
It is all up to me
To find meaning
To hold on to joy
To grieve, really grieve
For all I have lost

Published by

Maria Jacobs

Hi, I’m Maria – an authentic, down-to-earth real estate agent, wife to a sailor, mother of a creative six year old daughter, two majestic cats, and an energetic Goldendoodle puppy, tree lover, artist and poet. I have a passion for garden gates, art, history, mindfulness, and home matchmaking. Growing my roots in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, and loving every minute of it.

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