Winding Road

Our famous winding road.

One of the most famous stretches of road in the Midwest can be found at the tip of the Door County Peninsula, where Highway 42 curves and dances with the trees. Every time I am driving through and going with the curves, I feel such delight.

I feel delight in being here, living here. I feel delight in being able to witness such beauty year round. There is no doubt that the most famous pictures of the area are taking during the fall season – the colors are amazing, ranging from amber, yellow, red, orange, to burgundy. It is impossible for me, though, to have a preference – all the seasons here bring beauty in its own way.

I enjoyed drawing this scene – so many leaves, so much to cherish. So Door County. The ink flows with such ease when you are putting on paper the delight that you feel. And I do. I cherish our famous winding road.

Have you ever experienced this road-dance?

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