Total Flow

“A workout is a pair act, do it with heart and mind and gain in your life.”
(Nazim Ambalat)

It’s truly an amazing feeling
When mind and heart meet

You accomplish great feats
Becoming one with
Total Flow

And in honor of total flow… here’s a sweet video of flow in awesome form.
Heart, mind and body meeting as one, creating a pretty cool performance.
I just love admiring people who have found that kind of magic…

Stay Clear From Dogma

My Dear Vitality
Help me to stay clear from Dogma
As it paralyses my thinking
And it gives rise to judgment
Why is it so easy to fall into its embrace
A comfortable, fitting place
In between all the crowds
Believing I belong to one
But I know the insecurity it brings
I know I do not truly belong
I do not truly fit in
I am unique flow
And Dogma has no place
In my changing Heart
As it feels like a cage
For someone who wants to fly