I Am Not To Worry

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
(Lao Tzu)


It is so easy
To get away from tenderness
Getting busy and hungry
Losing myself in accomplishing
Yet, without fail
I notice the lack of calm
The heaviness that arises
When I am out of my center
It is clear now
That I am not to worry
As Life will always show me
That it is time to go back in
To find my true strength
I know this is no race
And the door will never be closed
It is clear now
That I am not to worry
As a flower
I naturally know
When to open
And when to close




Chamomile Dreams

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”
(Lady Bird Johnson)


I remember you, Chamomile
Delicate flower
In a dream
You came to me
With a message
Of vulnerability
I heard you, Chamomile
Letting me know
I am okay
I am hope
I saw you, Chamomile
In front of me
Sweetest thing
Golden love
And pure
I heart you, Chamomile
Bringing me
Bright rays of love
And messages
Of hope
And destiny
Thank you, Chamomile


And just because…

Love who you are, and stay high with life!

Go To Nature

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”
(John Burroughs, 1837 – 1921)

The energy of Nature
Will always heal you
The structure of a crystal
Will always inspire you
The patience of Mother Earth
Will always teach you
So pay attention
And take the time
To sit by that tree
To study that flower
To help that bug

Oh, Pink Moon…

Pink Moon Offering 2013

In the morning, she sat and waited.  Thinking of all the little things that bothered her, she decided to make an offering.  An offering to the Moon.  Pink, she thought.  It must mean love…  It must bring love.  Without hesitation, she rose and walked into her cottage.  She rapidly collected all her treasures and blessed them.  She said her loving words, and felt that it was done, that it meant something.  She showered, and happily went on with her routine.  Yes!  She kept thinking of her offering.  Yes!  She knew, it felt right.  All the sudden she didn’t feel bothered anymore.  All the little things seemed to be taking care of themselves, by themselves… As the night approached, she got ready.  Oh, she was excited.  She felt such an urge to go outside, to feel the Moon shining upon her face.  So she did, she opened the door and walked outside.  She felt the Moon.  She sat and waited.  By her side, her offering.  She thought of words to say, of spells to be created, of magical Moon drops falling over her and blessing all that she is.  All the sudden, she looked at her offering.  She rose again.  She said to the Moon…  But Moon, I haven’t even offered you my treasures yet, still, I feel so good.  My troubles when away and I feel clear.  Tell me Moon, what happened?  I haven’t made my offering yet, still I was answered… The Moon replied, gently.  Magical Moon drops slowly danced around her.  They touched her skin, they made her hair shine.  It was Pink!  It was so glittery!  The Moon drops started to speak very softly to her…  It was music to her ears.  It was beautiful.  They said…  thank you for your offering, and as you already know, whatever you offer, you really offer to yourself… the moment you rose this morning with the intention to feel better, your offering was already accepted… you felt better, you felt joy…  remember my flower, my sister, that you are your own offering, and as soon as you think yourself to a better feeling space, magic happens.  Stand still, offer your treasures, never later, always now, stand still, and become your own offering.  She smiled.  She knew it.  Pink!  Oh, Moon… how you have blessed me tonight!  She slowly moved her feet.  They seemed to want to dance, so she allowed them to.  She thanked the Moon.  She would always remember this.  She would remember to feel good.  She would remember to offer love and become love.  Whenever she felt bothered by the little things, she would say an offering to herself, yes she would.  Yes, she thought. The answer was always Yes.

… … …

Dance through your day, allow your feet to play…