Home Is Where Love Resides

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends”. Unknown

This past weekend I was home, mostly resting, after my second vaccine. Being home is healing, my family took care of me, and I felt the love.

It is easy to take home for granted, isn’t it? We get home from work, or school, often tired. We are crabby, overwhelmed. Sometimes I come home and the first thought that crosses my mind is: “oh my, I have so much cleaning to do, look at this mess, oh, the dishes, the laundry”, and so on. Yeah, life will always get a little dirty.

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Eye of the Storm

Fast feelings
Rushed encounters
All so fast, swirling
Dancing around me
The news on the radio
Fires and broken hearts
The storms of daily life
I am hit by wave after wave
Swept off my feet by the
Strong winds of momentum
It all takes me away
Feeling unsupported
I close my eyes and pray
Diving in and joining my heart
I feel a sudden change in the air
A calm breeze, a slow wave
A vortex of peace calls for me
It pulls me to the center
Everything slows down
I am at the seat of the soul
I am the eye of the storm
Still, I watch it all
Swirling around me
It all comes, and goes
Comes, and goes

We are the eyes.

Open And Close

“Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it.”
(Michael A. Singer)


That comment
Made you feel tight
You want to hide
You want to close
That lover
Left you for another
You want to cry
You want to close
Our beautiful world
Torn apart by greed and dogma
You want to shut down
You want to close
Your sensitive heart
Processing so much
You want to feel safe
You want to close
But a heart that stays closed
For a little too long
Will lose its voice
Will always feel like winter
Remember that your heart
Wants every taste of Life
The vibrancy of joy
And the sharpness of pain
So if you must close
Learn to open it up again
And together do the dance
Open and close
Open and close


Hello, heart.



Opening That Door

“Tears are words that need to be written.”
(Paulo Coelho)


She heard a knock
At the door of her heart
Getting louder and louder
Until a pain emerged
Taking over her whole chest
‘Guilt, I know your call’
She says in a deep voice
‘I know why you are knocking’
She says with a heavy heart
She knew it right then
To allow the heaviness
To open up to pain
As it was calling her
Reminding her of kindness
Speaking to her about patience
She knows she can’t erase the past
But her heart always tells her
To just keep trying and by
Opening that door
She just got better



Sometimes we do things we regret.
It’s okay.


Letting It Fall

She is walking on water
Leaves falling on her hair
Great blessings, she says
Are coming my way
Sun rays touching her gently
She glows, and she knows
A swirl of light surrounds her
She is not afraid of her power
The past was her teacher
She now knows her strength
She is walking on water
Leaves falling on her hair
I am letting it fall, she says
Letting the old fall away
Her heart filled with sparkle
She feels, and she shows
A force moving her forward
Leaves touching her feet
She now glows anew


Let it fall, too.


A Good Heart

“A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.”
Robert Bulwer-Lytton

Sipping a delicious tea
But then turning on the TV
A moment of calm
Transformed into chaos
So many bad news
People hurting
A world lacking empathy
Spreading coldness
Everywhere you look
So easy it is, isn’t it
To feel disheartened
To throw in the towel
Giving up on love
But please don’t
I beg, I plead
There’s so much more
Than you can see
There is sweetness
Kindness and connection
You can dig deeper
And feel it for yourself
That a good heart
Is your superpower
Guiding you always
To remember your values
And honor your light
Whispering always
“Trust me”


Your heart has so, so much power.