That New Office Feeling

Do or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

It was a snowy winter day, and I was hard at work sewing. Than it happened: the thought that started it all. All of the sudden, and I mean that, I decided that I was changing careers. I decided that real estate was it. I knew it, right then, at a moment’s notice, that my life was about to change.

Let me take you back to twenty years ago, 2001, when I started Law School. It was my institution of choice, my career of choice, and I was determined. But as fate would have it, on my fourth year of Law (it is a five year program in Brazil), I decided to switch directions for a little while, and enrolled in a work and travel exchange program. I lived for one year in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, USA, where I made friends, fell in love with the Great Lakes, and with a handsome local. Truth is, if you know Door County, and I hope you do, then you know that you can’t help but to fall in love with the Peninsula. The way it feels, the way you breath when you are here. Rumor has it that when you are on or above the 45th parallel… magic happens.

My change of direction for a little while, became a life change – a move across the world. I did go back to Brazil to see family and friends, and to complete my law degree. Soon after I started researching and planning my move, and six months after graduating I started studying Economics at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. I did not finish the course, and after my first semester, I moved to Door County, and never looked back.

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Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.

acorn love who you are studio

A first step
Will start a journey
A first kiss
Will start a love story
A first book
Will give birth to
Your quest for knowledge
All along the way
All the little things
All the little steps
Have more power
Than you know
All the little things
All the little steps
Are the necessary order
For miracles
For growth
For Life


“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

The many tastes of Life
Are worth it
So enjoy the journey
All experiences are valuable
The many tastes of Life
Are worth it

When The Fog Lifts

Deep Fog.meiajacobs

~ When The Fog Lifts ~

When the fog lifts
The veils of darkness
Clarity arises
A necessary rhythm
From dark to light
From light to dark
We go on expanding
Fulfilling our destinies
Dancing in between
Periods of clarity
And periods of  fog
But when the fog lifts
We find ourselves once again
In the hands of God


~ Unfolding ~

In this continuous journey
We are never left alone
Learning and unlearning
Trusting and letting go
Loving every breath
Celebrating each moment
Of this beautiful life
Growing into ourselves
Looking at every eye
Finding all the beauty
In the light and in the dark
Our souls are unfolding
Like the rising of the sun
Our delicate heart’s knowing


new poems 🙂

Vase in Oil Pastel, 2013

Vase in Oil Pastel, 2013 ~ framed!

I love watching the leaves fall, it gives me a sense of quieting down, of entering a “rest phase”.  This fall/winter I plan to care for myself and learn new things.  I am starting a few projects and loving it.  I hope everyone can find time to quiet down and reevaluate some aspects of life that need reformulation.  We are never stuck, it is only our perspective that holds us prisoner.  Find something that you love to focus on, and when the fog lifts, because it always does, clarity arises and so does new perspectives.

Have a wonderful weekend!

It’s a beautiful and really busy one here in Door County 🙂