A Little Angel

“It’s amazing what can truly happen, how your life can be so grand; when you give up trying on your own, and let an angel hold your hand.”


As I sit here and I write
Contemplating all the signs
A little angel has left behind
Signs of love, signs of trust
Letting go and letting God
I think of all the ways
In which I control and plan
Futile, indeed, to get so uptight
I can feel that it’s not right
My body tells me it is tight
Holding on to such vibes
I feel it, I understand
The time has come now
To take a stand
So I hold on to your hand
A little angel, my friend
Whispering words of delight
I let you show me the light
Lightness of being
Dismantling all my worries
Teaching me to be myself
Enveloped in all the love
A little angel has left behind



Angels are always whispering…
– you are loved.