I Am Not To Worry

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
(Lao Tzu)


It is so easy
To get away from tenderness
Getting busy and hungry
Losing myself in accomplishing
Yet, without fail
I notice the lack of calm
The heaviness that arises
When I am out of my center
It is clear now
That I am not to worry
As Life will always show me
That it is time to go back in
To find my true strength
I know this is no race
And the door will never be closed
It is clear now
That I am not to worry
As a flower
I naturally know
When to open
And when to close




It Is Possible

“There is no beauty greater than the smile of peace and wisdom glowing on your face.” (Paramahansa Yogananda)

Oh so many worries
Weighting you down
Your relatives’ problems
Your bank account
It is all part of living
So don’t deny the worry
But live with it differently
It is possible to have a concern
And still smile
It is possible to allow
Life to be good
It is possible to be
At peace with contrast
It is possible to know
Joy from inside out
Let your worries be your fuel
Transform them into solutions
Wake up every day knowing
There is always more
There is always more
To dream and to achieve
Because it is possible to be
Smiling with peace
Glowing with wisdom
From within