“Rosemary, the herb of love and remembrance, is steeped in thousands of years of myth and tradition. Rosemary is known to have been used for magic, healing, and seasoning since the beginnings of recorded history. Native to seaside regions of the Mediterranean and North Africa, the Latin name Rosemarinus means dew of the sea, likely a reference to the shimmering blue flowers that cover rosemary bushes in mid- winter.

Many people today love rosemary for its uplifting aroma and a delicious flavour, but it has found much wider appreciation over the years. Rosemary is strongly connected to rituals of love and marriage, symbolic of faithfulness and devotion. In many parts of Europe unmarried women looking for love used rosemary to help guide them to a suitor. Rosemary placed under a maiden’s pillow was said to induce dreams that would reveal a future husband’s identity and the initials of a future lover were thought to appear in a bowl of flour if placed under a rosemary bush overnight. During wedding ceremonies branches of rosemary were traditionally gilded and used for decoration and also dipped into wine goblets during toasts to the bride. According to folklore, a new bride would hand her groom several sprigs of rosemary to hold onto, acting as a charm to ensure faithfulness. A husband leaving for a trip would not have been surprised to find slips of rosemary tucked into his jacket pockets, once again to guard against extra-maritial activities.

Rituals of remembrance for the dead are known to have involved rosemary in a variety of cultures. In Europe and Asia, rosemary has been planted at grave sites and sometimes used as mediums to communicate with ancestors. Rosemary wreaths are associated with Remembrance day.”

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A new Rosemary has come into my life. A few years ago my Rosemary died and it left an opening in me. I feel that the time is right now, and that this has come full circle. 

Remembering with love a dear friend, and bringing love and magic to our home.  

– Méia

Published by

Maria Jacobs

Hi, I’m Maria – an authentic, down-to-earth realtor, wife to a sailor, mother to a creative daughter, two majestic cats, and an energetic Goldendoodle puppy. I am a tree lover, artist and wanna-be poet with a passion for garden gates, art, history and mindfulness. Growing my roots in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, helping others do the same, and loving every minute of it.

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