Every Step

“The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.” 

With every step
With every change
With every choice
We are always going
In and out
Of equilibrium
Life is calling
For more
There’s always more
And with every step

Published by

Maria Jacobs

Hi, I’m Maria – an authentic, down-to-earth realtor, wife to a sailor, mother to a creative daughter, two majestic cats, and an energetic Goldendoodle puppy. I am a tree lover, artist and wanna-be poet with a passion for garden gates, art, history and mindfulness. Growing my roots in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, helping others do the same, and loving every minute of it.

19 thoughts on “Every Step

  1. Beautiful…….
    But this balance is the most difficult task to complete as it requires a great amount of consistency which often becomes impossible to keep at every step because of the ups and downs of life…

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    1. Yes, the “balance challenge”… And we will go up, and we will go down… no doubt about it. And while we do so, we can hopefully live “raw” enough by staying attuned to our feelings, as our feelings will be the guidance to when it’s time to center and find balance again… the game of life!

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  2. Yes…righlty said…
    But again sometimes staying attuned to your feelings sometimes leaves us more confused and chaotic….
    Yes…For a short period of time though….
    But still not everyone could win the balance challenge…..

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  3. Sometimes staying “raw” can suffocate you as you find yourself as a misfit in this world and ultimately you grow more confused and end up being the same like everyone else…
    Where there is no need of balance….
    Where everyone and everything is standardized…

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    1. What you said rings so deeply… as from my personal experience feeling raw and vulnerable are the hardest things, I feel you. Everything is standardized, and most people live Life numbing themselves to their feelings and guidance, only to live a fake and superficial happy life, lacking depth. But Life is not only made of happy moments, Life is it all, and our not so good feelings are trying to express a part of ourselves… and to be whole, we must listen. Maybe the key is to say “be whole”, and not “be happy”, to start with it, I feel that happiness will follow, peace will follow, it will come after the storm. After the suffocation… if we could allow ourselves to feel the feelings when we feel suffocated, and try not to label it all, try not to blame ourselves for feeling like we feel, we slowly learn that feelings are like waves, they come and go… and we are still there, alive. Your comment made me feel deeper, I thank you.

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      1. Yes.
        “Acceptance” is the answer…I guess…
        Accepting what we feel and not limiting it to our beliefs of what is right or wrong….
        I think I forgot to accept myself as I am…
        I need to get accustomed to my raw version I guess…
        And I should thank you dear…..for your writing and your views..
        Thank you for bringing a bit of clarity in this world of chaos😇😇😇😇

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      2. And yes the greatest relief is that everything is transient….
        They come and go…
        Like waves…
        So that we can again collect our stronger self and put it together and move on…and on and on….😇😊

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    1. It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Seems like it is the most common thing of all, to disengage from oneself, to deny ourselves… But how can it not be when it starts when we are so young, we are not taught to empower ourselves and feel our feelings, we are taught to please and to fit it. But this no no ones fault at all, it’s just a cycle, it’s just what we know to do. I catch myself trying to tell my daughter how to behave, only to then suddenly be aware of what I am doing. Aha! There it is… conditioning. What is important is to have compassion for yourself, too, and know that we are human, that we are unique, that we are growing, that we are learning,, that today leads to tomorrow, that feelings get better in stages, and every feeling is valid. We can’t try to go from feeling lost to feeling ecstatic. It’s a step by step, and no step is wrong. I feel in my heart that being loving towards ourselves is the key right now, not in a do it my way way, but in a kind way, in a aware way, in a way that we simply watch and learn, we feel what we feel, and work on identifying what our needs are at this moment, and then try to sooth ourselves, little by little, thought by thought, moment by moment. Stay quiet with yourself for a bit, close your eyes, then smile, and stay smiling for a bit, even if it feels forced, smiling will feel easier and easier, look within, a warm feeling will come to you, you are alive, and your Being is all there for you, always. Have a great day!

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  4. Thank you so much to guide me and refill me in a beautiful way dear…..
    Thank you for providing me the right branch to hold on at this point of my life….
    Thank you for wonderful piece of wisdom…..
    And yes being alive that’s the process we need to get accustomed to…
    Rest everything is temporary!!!
    Thank you….
    Have a great life!!!!

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  5. And yes..I like the way you explained everything is step by step…..
    I think I was obsessed with the results….
    My curiousity sometimes runs wild and I want all answers to every question at this moment…..
    Like right now…
    Because when you get confused you are exhausted with life…
    And the mystery of it doesn’t entertain you anymore…..
    I think I have to have patience…..
    Which I must possess…as a writer may be😇😇😇

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      1. Thank you so much dear……😇😇😇😇
        Thank You from the bottom of my heart….
        Your appreciation has given me a lot more positive energy…..
        Thank you😇😇


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