“Success is never about STUFF. It’s always about substance. It is NOT about the end game. It’s about the game itself, and more importantly, how you play it.” (Mel Robbins)

Waking up, I hear music
My feet start to move
My body slow, still
Mind showing up
Catching up with the lyrics
I feel it, I know it
Another morning, today
To show up and create
Putting in the sweet effort
That propels me forward
Towards my dreams
No one can do it for me
No short cuts will cut it
Without the day to day
Without the trials and errors
I would be missing out
The feeling that comes
With knowing that I
Showed up each day
Afraid, maybe, but brave
The journey fills me
With substance and joy
That nothing in this world
Can ever replace
My heart knows the truth
I will never settle for fake
I will never embrace the empty
I feel it, I know it
Success is an inner conquest
It is made of happy-heart stuff
That feels so sweet
And so very subtle
– so pay attention.